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  • HART 18 In. Combo Snow Shovel with 360-Degree Grip Rotating Handle



    • 360° grip adjusts to 16 unique positions
    • Polypropylene scoop with a combination shovel/pusher design
    • Fiberglass shaft for a durable and lightweight design
    • Over molded D-handle for an ergonomic grip
    • Galvanized steel wear-strip helps to extend the life of the shovel blade


  • RIDGID Miter Trim Cutter Replacement Blade


    • Replacement Blade for FT6012 RIDGID Miter Trim Scissors
    • Blades are made from knife steel
    • Provides cleaner cut
    • Provides increased durability
    • This product is warranted against material and workmanship defects. Misuse and normal wear and tear are not covered.


    $9.99 20% off

  • RIDGID Miter Trim Cutter


    • RIDGID XLT Premium series
    • Allows for angled cuts
    • Miter fence for accurate cuts
    • Rubber grip handles for better control
    • Knife steel blade for cleaner cuts
    • Warranted against material and workmanship defects, misuse and normal wear and tear are not covered


    $35.99 20% off

  • Diamond Jig Saw Blade


    • Multi-fit shank
    • For use with all jig saws
    • For use with porcelain, ceramic, and glass tile
    • Diamond grit blade for fast quick cuts
    • Fits T and U shank


    $11.99 20% off

  • Comfort Foam Knee Pads


    • Mar-resistant to avoid unnecessary scuffs on tile
    • Anti-slip protection to maintain solid contact with flooring surfaces
    • Form fitting padding
    • 1 size fits most
    • Ideal for most surfaces


    $11.99 20% off

  • RIDGID Gel-Foam Knee Pads


    • Gel foam padding for increased comfort
    • No small crevices makes it easy to clean
    • Made from fabric and gel-foam
    • Includes: 1-pair of gel-foam knee pads
    • RIDGID XLT premium series
    • Warranted against material and workmanship defects, misuse and normal wear and tear are not covered


    $19.99 20% off

  • Pypthon Drain Tool


    • Helps clear household drains of debris without the mess
    • Never touch clog gunk again with Pypthon drain tool
    • Collects debris in included bag for easy, clean disposal
    • Flexible design allows for use in curved drains


    $1.99 20% off

  • RIDGID 1/2 In. Scoring Wheel


    • Great for use on ceramic tiles
    • For use with most 1/2-in. wheel tile cutters
    • Durable carbide material is built to last


    $5.99 20% off

  • RIDGID 1-3/8 In. Wet Diamond Hole Saw


    • Fits any standard drill down to 3/8 in. chuck
    • Diamond grit edges for fast and clean cuts
    • Hole saw guide for keeping hole saw wet
    • Adhesive pads to easily lock down position of the guide
    • Durable steel design cuts through marble, granite, ceramic and porcelain tiles


    $20.99 20% off

  • RIDGID 1-3/8 In. Wet/Dry Diamond Hole Saw


    • Vented design
    • 6 times longer life
    • Wet/dry feature means less mess
    • Ideal for cutting holes in ceramic, porcelain and glass tiles with minimal water use
    • Durable and built to last longer than others


    $29.99 20% off

  • RYOBI Phone Works Noise Suppressing Earphones


    • Noise suppression and customized reduction of nuisance noises
    • Free App with customizable noise protection suppresses noise over 82 Db
    • Turns your smartphone into an easy noise management system allowing you to customize what you hear based on noise frequency
    • Safety certified Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 30 Db
    • Meets Applicable OSHA safety standards
    • Features a noise meter and noise recorder
    • Displays measured ambient noise and customized auto feed
    • App available on the App Store and Google play
    • Optimized for iPhone (OS 6.0 or later) and most Android phones (version 4.0 or later)


    $16.99 20% off

  • RYOBI Infrared Thermometer


    • Measures temperatures between -4 degrees and 600 degrees Fahrenheit to allow use in diverse applications
    • LCD display is bright and easy to see
    • Laser guide clearly marks area intended for temperature reading
    • Digital readout displays surface temperatures in minimum and maximum range for convenient measurements
    • Can switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius for the ideal temperature reading
    • Hand-held size for portability from project to project
    • Batteries are included


    $29.99 20% off

  • RYOBI Phone Works Infrared Thermometer




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