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    • Ideal for Driveways, Sidewalks and Patios
    • 15” Cleaning Path for Efficient Cleaning
    • Cleans Up to 4X Faster Than a Standard Spray Nozzle
    • Two Rotating Nozzles Deliver Streak-free Cleaning
    • Quick-connect Coupler System Attaches to Any Brand ¼” Quick-connect Wand With Ease
    • For Use with Gas Pressure Washers Up to 3300 PSI


  • POWER CARE 3/8 In. Female M22 Quick Connect Connector


    • Converts male M22 outlet to male 3/8 in. quick connect
    • For use on most pressure washers
    • For up to 4,500-PSI
    • 3/8 in. inlet diameter


  • Power Care Detergent Hose Replacement


    • 3 ft. Replacement hose for your pressure washer
    • Adjustable valve
    • Filter prevents clogging


  • Powercare 27 In. Replacement Wand for Gas Pressure Washer


    • Fits most gas pressure washers with screw-on M22 trigger-handle couplers
    • For use with quick-connect spray nozzle (not included)
    • For up to 4,500 psi


  • POWERFIT Quick Connect High Pressure Hose Conversion Kit


    • Converts pressure washer trigger handle, spray wand and hose from threaded to quick connect
    • Brass construction: rust resistant for extended life
    • Fits most brands Max 4500 PSI


  • RYOBI 11 In. Pressure Washer Water Broom


    • 11 in. cleaning path for efficient cleaning
    • Cleans up to 5x faster than a standard spray nozzle
    • Quick-connect coupler system attaches and detaches from your quick-connect capable wand with ease
    • For use with gas pressure washers up to 3,300 PSI


  • POWER CARE Garden Hose Quick-Connect Kit


    • Adds quick-connect functionality between a high-pressure pump and a garden hose
    • Works with most garden hoses
    • 3/4 in. diameter
    • For use with hoses up to 300-PSI


  • PowerFit Sediment Filter Attachment for Garden Hoses and Pressure Washers



    • Connects the water spigot and garden hose
    • Designed to filter the water coming out of the spigot into the garden hose to help prevent debris from damaging the pressure-washer pump
    • Essential for households in remote areas or that have well-water
    • Maximum 80 psi garden hose pressure
    • For Garden Hose or Pressure Washer use


  • CAT PUMPS 50 Ft. X 3/8 In. Quick-Connect Hose for Pressure Washers


    • 3/8 in. quick-connect brass fittings attach and detach easily
    • For use with pressure washers up to 4,200-PSI and 5-GPM
    • Steel-braided rubber-wrapped, construction for durability and to prevent marring
    • Fits all brands with 3/8 in. quick connect
    • Cold water only


  • POWER CARE 3300 PSI Gutter-Cleaner Attachment for Gas Pressure Washers


    • Attach to the wand of your gas pressure washer (not included) to clean your gutters
    • Fits most gas pressure washers up to 3300 psi
    • 1/4 In. inlet size and quick-connect coupler for easy attaching and detaching
    • 2 high-pressure nozzles for blasting away leaves and debris quickly and easily


  • POWERFIT Steel Braided Non-Marring High Pressure Hose


    • 50 foot non-marring high pressure hose
    • Reinforced steel braided construction
    • 9/32 inch quick connection system
    • Rated up to 4000 PSI
    • Universal fit for gas pressure washers


  • POWER CARE Quick-Connect Pivoting Coupler


    • Connects between the wand and high-pressure nozzle
    • For use on most pressure washers up to 4,000-PSI
    • Adjusts 120 degrees for 3 different cleaning angles


  • POWER CARE 36 In. Extension Wand System


    • For gas and electric pressure washers up to 4500-PSI
    • Quick connect capable
    • Fits between the trigger handle and the original wand
    • Quick-connect coupler set converts most threaded trigger handles and spray wands into easy-to-use quick-connect system


  • POWER FIT 9 Ft. Pole Kit for 3000 PSI Pressure Washers


    • Cleaning wand reaches high areas up to 16 feet away
    • Compatible with gas and electric pressure washers up to 3,000 psi
    • 3/8 inch quick connect coupler for fast and easy attaching and removal
    • On-board detergent tank for better cleaning


  • POWERFIT 36 In. Pressure Washer Extension Wand


    • Fits most gas pressure washers with screw-on M22 trigger-handle couplers
    • Works with pressure washers up to 3800 PSI
    • 1/4"" automatic lock quick-connect nozzle coupler
    • Safe operation
    • Gives you extra reach over standard pressure washer wands


  • Power Care 3/8 in. Male Quick-Connect x Male M22 Connector for Pressure Washer


    • Converts female M22 outlet to male 3/8 in. quick connect
    • For use on most pressure washers
    • For up to 4,500-PSI
    • 3/8 in. inlet diameter


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