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9 Products found
  • HART 21 Oz. Milled Face Steel Framing Hammer


    • Side Nail Pull to remove nails 10X easier than the claw
    • Angled Face drives nails straight
    • Side Strike sinks nails in tight spaces
    • Magnetic Nail Set for versatility when setting a nail


  • RIDGID #2 6-1/4 In. Square Collated Screw Gun Bit


    • For use in collated screwdrivers that take 6-1/4 in. bits
    • High-quality construction
    • Cryogenically treated for strength and durability
    • Includes 1 S2 pro-grade bit


  • RYOBI Impact Driving 44 Piece Bit Set


    • 2 In. impact driving bits feature torsion zone to absorb high torque from demanding driving applications
    • Precision-milled bit tip for enhanced bit fitment
    • 3X longer life
    • Compact impact magnetic screw guide with sliding sleeve helps align screws for fast and trouble-free installation
    • Socket adapters for use with user€™s already-existing socket
    • Nut drivers are great for use on hex fasteners


  • RYOBI Impact Driving 8 Piece Bit Set


    • 2 in. and 3-1/2 in. impact driving bits feature torsion zone to absorb high torque from demanding driving applications
    • Precision-milled bit tip for enhanced bit fitment
    • 2 in. and 3-1/2 in. driving bits designed to provide seamless compatibility between your drill/driver and impact driver
    • Ideal for standard and impact driving
    • Built to handle your most demanding driving needs


  • RYOBI Phone Works Moisture Meter


    • Detects water content in wood, drywall, cement, and other building materials
    • Displays moisture value against current location based environmental conditions
    • Smartphone screen displays moisture content between 6%-44%
    • Measures and plots data over time with free mobile app
    • App available on the App Store and Google play
    • Optimized for iPhone (OS 6.0 or later) and most Android phones (version 4.0 or later)



  • RYOBI SpeedLoad+ 3/4 In. Countersink


    • Requires minimum chuck size of 1/4 in.
    • Constructed out of high-speed steel
    • 5 cutting edges to reduce burrs and roughness


  • RYOBI Metal Buffing 7 Piece Kit


    • Emery compound is used to clean hard metals
    • Tripoli is for cleaning soft metals and plastics
    • White rouge is used for final shining of all metals except for solid and plated silver and gold, use to shine plastics
    • Arbor included in the kit is a part of the SpeedLoad+ family of accessories


  • RIDGID Gen5X Hybrid Upright Area Light


    • Self-righting design-light uses weighted base to self-right into an upright position when knocked over
    • Hybrid technology-powers light with any RIDGID 18-Volt battery or extension cord
    • Extended run time-up to 75 hours of continuous run-time with 5.0Ah battery
    • 360° light output-directs light in every direction to illuminate the entire work area
    • Up to 1000-Lumens with variable power dial-powerful output with adjustable lumen level to match brightness to
    • the job
    • Integrated cord wrap-for convenient storage and transportation
    • Battery door-for keeping dirt and debris out of the battery port


  • RYOBI ONE+ 18 Volt Shears


    • Rotating head for versatile cutting
    • Offset shear design for use on multiple materials
    • Replaceable blades for continued performance
    • Over 1000 ft. of sheet metal cut on a single battery charge using a P108 battery
    • Variable-speed trigger for maximum control
    • GRIPZONE overmold for optimum grip and user comfort